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New published work on Elegant Magazine (September Issue)

I am happy to annouce my 7-page fashion editorial has been published with Elegant magazine in their September issue! This was actually shot way back in May of this year, so you have no idea how hard it was to hold it back for so long. As you can probably tell, the theme was to mix a lot of colors and make the image really pop. The styling has an Eastern/Western fusion flare to it. Just an awesome time shooting this and now looking for my next inspiration. Anyways, check out the tearsheet below!        

My publication on VanAvenue Magazine Issue 2

I am excited to announce that my 5-page spread of a fashion editorial that I did months ago finally got published on VanAvenue magazine this week! It is on their July 2015 Issue#2.   Klara (model) was an international model and extremely talented to work with, without a doubt. We ran into some issues with the makeup artists, but luckily Katelyn saved the entired shoot. Anyways take a look at the tearsheet below and some other shots that I also like, but didn’t quite make it.     Here are some of the non-published ones as well as a behind the scene shoot.

Vancouver Portrait & Headshot Photographer

So lately I have been photographing a lot of business headshots, portraits, fashion and family, but haven’t had the opportunity to update the blog until tonight, or morning should I say. It’s just after 1AM and I still have plently of editing to do, but you know how the saying goes, if you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life 😉 Here some recent clients that I shot, each one of them were an absolute delight to work with! Stayed tunned, lots more updates to come in the next few days!    

Cover shoot for The Progressive Orthdontist

A few months ago, I shot an editorial cover with Dr. Aly Kanani for the Progessive Orthdontist magazine. He is definitely “one of the good guys” and you will see why. He mentioned that he wanted to shoot one of his hobbies and that is collecting exotic cars. Being a big time car enthusiast, I couldn’t be more thrilled to shoot him and his new 2013 Ferrari California! I’ve never seen one in person let alone sat in one. So this was going to be fun all around. Initially I wanted to shoot this under an overpass or in an underground parking lot for a bit of an edgy look, but after speaking to him for a bit, his conservative nature lead me to setup something more traditional to fit the theme of the magazine as well representing who he is (which is really what an editorial is all about). The shoot took about 2 hours. Had an awesome time shooting, but what really made my day is he took me for a rip (top down) in his car. Drove around for a good half hour or so, which made me realize that I should’ve became a doctor instead…hahah. Good […]

I won a contest!

So a few weeks ago, my wife advised me that Uppababy in collobration with Westcoast Kids are holding a photography contest for a chance to win one of their strollers. Even though we already have one, we have been eyeing an umbrella stroller for it’s light weight versitality. I know, this is already too much baby talk. If you were to talk to me about strollers and brands a year back, I would’ve passed out. But my life has changed and my topic of conversation these days are nothing short of breast milk colors, formula mixing, eczema lotions and what color the poops are. Exciting. Back on point, the contest was basically to take a picture of you/your family with an Uppababy stroller, be creative and post it to Instagram. Challenge ….. Accepted. Being a pretty competitive person myself, I sought to come up with the best idea and to deliver the high quality photo they had ever seen! I scouted locations, waited until the right time of the day, color coordinated clothing/background, and even took 2 different sessions to shoot this. End result, we WON the stroller that my wife had been eyeing. She’s a happy camper and you […]

Studio Shoot

It’s been awhile since my last update. I have been busy trying to plan out my next big shoot. It will be VERY different than my regular portraits shoots. Much more elaborate and lots of planning involved with a big teams of creative talents. I am really hoping it pays off. Stay tunned… Anyways here are some shots that I did today and it was fun as always! Nothing too setup here, just a really simple series.